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Getting ready for the Gee Robinson (Boy x2)

Hi Everyone!
Baby Update!: Happy to share we are having boys, twins, yes, 2 boys:) We have started early on our savings for the oh-so-essential baby nurse and other necessities that each one of our friends has helped us discover, thank you! This means, we have decided to forgo a baby shower, and celebrate with everyone once the boys arrive! (double bris coming up) To gift, friends and family can go to the website we created
We have put together a registry and have also created a bank account for the boys that all Venmo & PayPal gifts will go directly into!
Natalie and I would once again like to thank everyone for their constant love, and constant support, we are so grateful for all the love.  We could not be happier to bring two beautiful boys up to love, respect, and care for each other and this world.
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