let’s talk about what’s sexy… /

let’s talk again…

Let’s talk about what’s sexy…

I don’t train my clients to be skinny, I train my clients to be happy.
I say this to all my friends, clients, and everyone reading this right now – you are great exactly the way you are.
No matter what your body type, your size, your income, your relationship status – you are exactly where you need to be…
right now.
Now, do believe in taking care of yourself, absolutely – that is sexy.
I believe in owning your curves, your flaws, and your beauty – that is sexy.
I believe in expressing yourself, staying true to yourself, and having integrity – that is sexy.
I believe in standing up for those less fortunate and helping – that is sexy.
I believe in taking care of the environment, loving and respecting living things, and greeting people with a smile – that is sexy.
Take the most care of  your mind and your body from the inside out, workout and eat right – that is sexy.
My point is, I am constantly around people looking for a change to make them feel better to make them feel sexy. Not realizing that the very idea of not being good enough or sexy enough, is the exact thing that will make you feel down and hence less sexy.
Staying active, finding activities you love, and staying present with the people around you will help get you through the ups and downs of life and love.
Amy Schumer is the main  picture for this blog because she represents my point, she has never been apologetic about her weight or what she stands for, she speaks her mind, doesn’t let any of Hollywood’s stereotypes define her role, has a hot boyfriend and owns her sexuality.
Chelsea Handler is  bold, outspoken, and has never let society define where she should be in life. She celebrates her freedom and enjoys her life.  She parties with friends, travels, loves her animals,  and is a working woman breaking molds with her talk show then, and now on Netflix on her own terms.
I decided to dedicate this blog post to talking about all the things we all can do to feel better and find our sexy.
So read again…
Own your curves, your flaws, and your beauty – that is sexy.
Express yourself, stay true to yourself,  and have integrity -that is sexy.
Stand up for those less fortunate, help – that is sexy.
Take care of the environment, love, respect living things, and greet people with a smile – that is sexy.
Know your power and own your confidence – that is sexy.
Move your body and eat consciously – that is sexy.
Be YOU – that is sexy.
Thank you for reading,
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