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First off let me thank all of you for coming to visit rachel-fitness.com, When I decided to launch a website presence it was to get out messages I feel are really important. Hence, this BLOG –

We all come from somewhere – some of us grow, evolve, and decide where we came from no longer reflects who we are or where we are going & then some of us are exceptionally blessed to come from somewhere that grows with us. Jamie Robinson my mother, first female videographer for the White House under Jimmy Carter, trailblazer in the feminist movement & now founder of Jamie’s Rescue a non-profit dog rescue in Miami, FL. did just that.

To give you a little background, my mother did not come from a loving home, her home was filled with anxiety and violence. From the outside she was always dressed in the finest clothes, had the nicest cars, with the biggest house, and I am sure you get where I am going with this. I could take you through horror story after horror story in what my mother endured as a child, a teenager, and then later as a sexual assault survivor,  but I am sure you will thank me for leaving it at that.

My point in sharing this is when my mother decided to have me as a single mother, she decided to give me everything she never had, unconditional love, acceptance, guidance, peace & she did just that.

I grew up going to inner city day cares in NYC because my mom wanted me to be around all different types of children from all different types of backgrounds and situations. When we moved to Miami it was clear I had a talent with sports, she told me I could play with the boys and so I did. She told me there was no limit to what I could achieve and she never held me back even when it was hard to watch me move or travel for months at a time.

I now help my mom with Jamie’s Rescue because I too share her passion that animals heal, animals matter, and dogs especially in Miami need a second chance.

People often ask me why my mom is so connected to dogs, a dog in a very low point in my mom’s life before me – rescued her & she has made it her mission in her life now to rescue them.

She has never made money or material things what’s ‘important’, she has always taught me to be kind to everyone, to give, to help, and to live simple. That is far more rewarding and find happiness.

I am sharing this in hopes that people who come from troubled pasts know that you too can change your future and for those of you who think you do not have “enough” believe me it is not the point – try to live more simply and well you knew this was coming… ADOPT A RESCUE.

For more information please visit www.jamiesrescue.com.

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  1. Congrats for your new blog! ?? So happy for you!!!
    Love the story of you and your mom, I’ sure you are encouraging a lot of people that can relate with you both.
    You are definitely good at sports but what really matter is that you are the best with people and dogs!
    Keep going Rachel.

  2. Loved your post. We just adopted a 10 year old Rottweiler that would have otherwise be sent to the pound. Now I can see why you are such a strong woman. Apple does not fall far from the tree. God bless both of you for helping those who can’t speak for themselves.

  3. Such an inspiring story! A real story of resilience. I love that your mom was able to shower you with love and allowed you to have the space to reach your maximum potential. Thank you for sharing Rachel! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Thank You for doing what you do with the platform you have. It is obvious that you have a life rich in what matters most and it’s truly admirable. Your voice for women everywhere and animals reaches beyond what you imagine.
    Wishing you nothing but success in all things to come for you and Jaimes Rescue ❤️