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Proud to announce I am a Lululemon Ambassador

Hi Everyone!

I want to share some exciting news! Recently, I have been honored to become one of the latest lululemon Ambassadors, joining some of the most influential community leaders in the fitness industry.

When Julio Lajara, Community Key Leader of lululemon, approached me, he reminded me of a message I deeply believe: What matters is connections and support, and the people who support the causes and things you love. I have always loved the way lululemon employees rally to take my classes at Barry’s Bootcamp, support Jamie’s Rescue, and together stay so unified as a true fitness family and community.

It’s no secret my passions are fitnessanimal rights, and human rights. And being a lululemon Ambassador reflects the support and love a community can contribute to helping move these passions forward.

Keep an eye out for Jamie’s Rescue adoption events at the Lincoln Rd. location, giveaways in my Barry’s Bootcamp classes, and stop in to to see all of the lululemon ambassadors I am honored to share this community role with!




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