Bounce Back Baby volume 1

Don’t call it a comeback…

Bounce Back Baby…

Hi my name is Rachel Robinson some of you may know me from growing up in Miami, or my days on MTV,  some of you may know me from everyday life as a fitness instructor, and some of you may just be meeting me for the first time, so allow me to introduce myself.

I am an athlete at my core my whole life, I turned that drive and competitiveness into reality TV success at an early age, by the time I was 25 I had won over 150,000 in cash and prices and created a nice living for myself. After years of traveling the world for TV and public speaking I decided I wanted more out of life. I returned to Miami and began my fitness career, fast forward a few years and a lot of experience later and I found myself as a Master Instructor at Barrys Bootcamp in Miami and in love with Natalie Gee the co-founder of Gee Beauty – conveniently placed right next door to Barrys Bootcamp, the modern working women’s dream.

We decided together to create our family and so we began… We found out I was pregnant in February right  before my birthday and we could not be happier, 6 weeks later we found out we were having twins, and 3 months later we found out we were having twin boys. All of this felt like an overwhelming dream but the best kind.

Being a fitness instructor and finding out you are having twins can be a bit scary – I remember initially thinking “will I be able to work?” – “what will happen to my body?”.

Natalie always assured me which I will tell everyone reading this that YOU make your own reality. We decided that we would always remain positive as we do with everything in our lives. I would work as long as I could and let my body go through all the beautiful changes without comparing myself to others.

Cut to 36 weeks pregnant and I was still teaching my full schedule with classes more packed than ever and classes harder than ever. I had gained 60 pounds at around 36 weeks and decided that 36 weeks would be my time to take it easy, get off my feet, and enjoy the next two weeks before getting induced.

At 38 weeks on October 16th at 6pm we checked into Mount Sinai hospital on Miami Beach under the care of Dr. Mauricio Bitran and they began to induce my labor. Natalie and I decided through this whole process to always remain open to whatever is best. After 24 hours of contractions and labor the Dr. decided the best way to get these boys out safely was C-section. Jesse & Jack Gee-Robinson were both born a little after 8pm October 17th weighting a little under 7 pounds each.

I won’t get into all the details of my c-section cause that’s a whole other story but let’s just say Dr. Bitran had never seen a torso/abs so tight – he said there was no way Jack (baby b) would of come down because my abs are so tight, a detail I take great pride in. 😉

Now this is where the bounce back begins…

Here’s my early advice –

*In the hospital try your best to manage the pain with Motrin 800, they will offer you strong pain meds do your best to stay away from it. Your body will heal faster and those pain meds constipate and make you groggy for the most beautiful time in your life.

*Stay off your phone and off social media for at least a week.

*Take all the help from the women closest to you that you trust. Have a good support system. Get on a schedule and learn as much as you can from the women and professionals around you.

*In the hospital walk the hallways of your room, get your body moving as soon as you feel you can.

*Eat healthy, do NOT eat the hospital food, it is full of salt and solids that will make it harder for you to recover. You need soups and lots of liquids, slowly introduce solids, and stay away from dairy, gassy veggies (cauliflower, cabbage) and bad carbs it is not good for breastfeeding.

By the time I went into labor I had gained 65 pounds, less than 2 weeks later I have lost 45 pounds. It is not because I am super human although I like to think so, it is because I watched everything I put in my body, I walked the second I could stand, and I am currently breastfeeding two hungry boys – the dream. <3

I will keep these post going… as I enter the workout phase in a few weeks GET READY! & again thank you to everyone who has reached out, text, called, liked, commented, sent love to Jesse & Jack they are everything we could have dreamed of and more.



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  1. I’m a power lifter and crossfitter myself. My wife and I are about to start trying for our first around August of this year, but because of other circumstances, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll have to have a c-section. I would really love more information about your experience. I’m terrified, to say the least…